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Are we running out of land for new houses?

I've arranged mortgages for 11 sections in Matamata this month... Which has me wondering a couple of things... Are we about to see a spike in section prices? Are we running out of land for sections in Matamata? I've had a chat to a few Real Estate Agents this week and it seems that a lot of building companies both in town and out of town have been buying up sections in Matamata to build new houses either as speculative builds or as House and Land Packages. The Evergreen subdivision off B...

June 24, 2016

Who are we?

With ten years working as a Mortgage Adviser in Matamata I've been fortunate to work with a lot of people but if you don't know me I'm the guy there with the beard! Perhaps fortunate I chose Mortgage Broking as a career instead of modelling. I'm Adam and I live at Te Miro between Cambridge and Matamata with my wife Linda. I've been a Mortgage Adviser for nearly ten years now and five years ago I started My Mortgage because I wanted to deliver a more personalized, simplified mortgage service. ...

June 1, 2016

Why Matamata Mortgages?

I've been operating as a Mortgage Adviser in Matamata for nearly 10 years now under my company My Mortgage (click to see our website) and with my work taking me all over the Waikato I wanted to create a site that could provide more specific and relevant information for people in Matamata. Having grown up in Matamata and owning property there I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of professionals who's expertise can really add some value for our clients. On this site we'll have the...

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